OK so it’s 2016

First Quarter 2016 Year of the Monkey

Happy Mother's Day 2016

Not really much to report to this date. Lot’s of odd things happening so far in 2016, details may follow. Going on 11 years at 826 W 36th St, hard to believe. Seems like every single significant person in my life was born in the Year of the Monkey!

Most Recent Art Work

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Opening Reception Dougherty’s Baltimore

Join me at Dougherty’s

Art Clocks by Rick Santiago

I rarely do shows or exhibits outside of the Art Under Ground Studio or the Pearl Gallery anymore, but Dougherty’s is a great place located in the Mt Vernon area, close to the Meyerhoff.  Also, it was my first dinner out when I moved to Charm City (the 1st time around), the Circle is now complete…

Still working with Hollow Core Doors, Canvas and Acrylics using subtractive and additive sculptural techniques.  I’ll have at least one textured piece and hopefully a couple of the Crimped Canvas pieces.

  • Dougherty’s
  • Thursday June 5, 2014
  • 7:00 – 9:00
  • Refreshments Served: Wine and Cheese +
  • Live Irish Music during Reception



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Summer Whites

Series a White Fabric Pieces on Wood Panel
Going back to Fabric Textured Pieces for a spell, probably will make a few more of these in varying sizes.  These are 19 x 15, canvas wrapped wood, mixed media and acrylics.  Originally, these were going to be clocks, but they turned out too nice/pretty to start drilling holes into them, maybe later.

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Resolute Fearlessness

Art by Rick Santiago
Starting to work on larger pieces, this one 28 x 36.  This size really lends itself to the texturing, scale of piece to texture is just about right.  I’m also using a “dry” texture medium rather than the premixed, seems to work better and sets up a more dense texture.  Three basic colors used; black with variations of a white and green… I like this one!

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Abstract Art by Rick Santiago

Textured Mixed Media on Wood

Maybe nearing my end on this series of textured works on board.  Will probably move onto larger pieces in the 24x or 30x range to make things more interesting.   Currently been working on 15x and 12x pieces which do not seem to have enough impact/presence as well as making properly composed pieces feel cramped.

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Textured Art

Abstract Textured Art by Rick Santiago
Several years since my last textured series, getting the MOJO back for this kind of work!  It’s always been a fight finding the right surface for this Heavy Medium, however, the door panel takes to it like a Duck to Water.

I pride myself using everyday house products/objects for my stuff, this one is on a door, using house paint and simple drywall compound.  However, I do use small artists palette knives as well as a couple of vintage (mid 90′s) drywall knives that are more supple than what you can buy today.  For those of you that want to argue the “archival” debate, please read the ingredients in your media v. mine, I think you’ll find they’re cousins if not identical twins born of the same parent… well, you know what I mean.

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