February 2017

Some New Projects

It’s a start… :-)


As a side note, I have been experiencing a very large and quick battery drain on my Android Phone which is at OS 4.4.2 (?) I did some looking around and noticed this is a relatively common problem. Many suggested causes and solution and one or 2 threads mentioned possibly the SD card. I had been running a couple of Apps through the SD card, one in particular, a photo App started running very very sluggishly. I removed any Apps using the my SD card and lo and behold problem fixed. I still use the SD card for storage but not for any Apps! Hope this helps…

EDIT: March 29,2017

The culprit causing the MSNSD issue and battery loss if Facebook! For my android, it seems to rear it’s ugly head when trying to check in and or possibly watching a video through the Facebook APP. Even removing Facebook is not a a sure bet, but I’ve found if you go into your “Storage’ under settings clear the cache and then look for a folder that is labeled “misc”, in this folder I found a couple of Facebook files which I deleted and like magic I can still use the FB App and MDNSD is gone!!!

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