Resolute Fearlessness

Art by Rick Santiago
Starting to work on larger pieces, this one 28 x 36.  This size really lends itself to the texturing, scale of piece to texture is just about right.  I’m also using a “dry” texture medium rather than the premixed, seems to work better and sets up a more dense texture.  Three basic colors used; black with variations of a white and green… I like this one!

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Abstract Art by Rick Santiago

Textured Mixed Media on Wood

Maybe nearing my end on this series of textured works on board.  Will probably move onto larger pieces in the 24x or 30x range to make things more interesting.   Currently been working on 15x and 12x pieces which do not seem to have enough impact/presence as well as making properly composed pieces feel cramped.

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Textured Art

Abstract Textured Art by Rick Santiago
Several years since my last textured series, getting the MOJO back for this kind of work!  It’s always been a fight finding the right surface for this Heavy Medium, however, the door panel takes to it like a Duck to Water.

I pride myself using everyday house products/objects for my stuff, this one is on a door, using house paint and simple drywall compound.  However, I do use small artists palette knives as well as a couple of vintage (mid 90′s) drywall knives that are more supple than what you can buy today.  For those of you that want to argue the “archival” debate, please read the ingredients in your media v. mine, I think you’ll find they’re cousins if not identical twins born of the same parent… well, you know what I mean.

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Dirty Martini, Shaken Not Stirred

Minimul Abstract Art by Rick Santiago
This is about as minimal as I feel I can get for possibly suggesting a figure, I hope you see it.  More Paint, Canvas and Fabric works.  20 x 12 alternate title, “Steak for Chicken”.

The last 7 pieces of this series has been made up of 2 – 12″ wide flat panel doors, canvas, texture medium, acrylics along with some minor woodworking.  The use of “Hollow Core Flat Panel” doors will probably continue, they are easy to work with, will not warp or twist when properly used and has that 1 1/4″ profile.  These type of doors are available from 12″ to 36″ widths by 80″ lengths, and modestly priced, possibilities are almost endless!

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Perfect Imperfect Surface

Art Clocks by Rick Santiago
This is the continuing experiment using Hollow Core Doors; this from a set of 24″ Bi-folds e.g. 12″, and Cheap Canvas, really a drop cloth.  These pieces have minimal amount of Woodworking but just enough to make you wonder. Canvas was cheap enough with enough flaws to make it more interesting. Canvas was painted/soaked in a Canvas Duck Paint. On these, I did “squeegee” off excess paint, I probably won’t do this again, a few flaws appeared, I can see a slight deflection in the panels, most likely the canvas dried way too tight when squeegeed! If true, I can either not squeegee or I can paint panels before applying canvas to give a more slippery surface

My quest for the Perfect Imperfect Surface goes on…

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Trapezium (US)

Trapezium (US) by theunartist
Trapezium (US), a photo by theunartist on Flickr.

Mixed Media

This one of my last larger pieces, 40 x 32. The shape is a trapezium, a rectangle with no parallel sides, it could also be a trapezoid if you lived in the UK. It’s a shape that dominated some of my pieces back 10 years ago that was somewhat successful. This piece on a Hollow Core Door, which allowed me to cut out the shape and drape canvas over the area.

On a personal level, I was not completely happy with the color execution, my plans were to repaint the piece so I had it just sitting up against the wall of my studio. Long story short, this one found a loving home and got there in the back seat of a BMW! Goes to show you, it doesn’t really matter what you think :)

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